01. There will be an [assembly] in the gym for all students immediately after lunch.
02. In case of a fire or some other emergency, we will all [assemble] on the grass outside the building.
03. My dad tried to [assemble] my new bicycle, but when he was finished there were parts left over, and the pedals wouldn't turn.
04. They don't actually make those cars in the U.S.; they only [assemble] them.
05. Workers in the country's automobile [assembly] plants have gone on strike for higher pay.
06. The students [assembled] on the playing field to watch the police dog demonstration.
07. The principal has called an [assembly] for grade twelve students at noon to discuss plans for the graduation party.
08. In case of fire or earthquake, we will all meet in an emergency [assembly] zone, in order to determine if everyone has been able to evacuate.
09. The children [assembled] on the school playground to hear the results of the final races.
10. It took us over three hours to [assemble] the swingset we bought for our children.
11. Since 1951, 67,500 nuclear missiles have been built, of which 8,750 are currently active, and 1,250 are awaiting [disassembly].
12. In 1914, Henry Ford's new continuous motion method decreased the [assembly] time of a car from 12 1/2 hours to 93 minutes.
13. In 1973, 56,800 fans paid $309,000 to see Led Zeppelin in the largest paid crowd ever [assembled] in the U.S. to see a single musical group.
14. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful [assembly] and association.
15. [Assembly] factories along the U.S. border are a major source of foreign income for Mexico.
16. Charles James Fox once suggested that kings govern by popular [assemblies] only when they cannot do without them.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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